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Ash Grove, The 

Associations---England earth sweet Wales 
Tapes Found On---Camp 94 Melindaís At Home 
Choreographer---Jeannie Arnold
Song Name---LLWYN ONN (The Ash Grove)
same dance as Winds on The Tor
The song is traditional Welsh
one version of the song goes:
Down yonder green valley, where streamlets meander
Where twilight is fading, I pensively roam
For at the bright noontide in solitude wander
Amidst the dark shades of the lonely ash grove
Tis there where the blackbird is cheerfully singing
Each warbler enchants with his notes from a tree
O then little think I of sorrow or sadness
The ash grove enchanting spells beauty for me 
The Ash, like the Oak and the Banyan, has special significance for the culture of origin.
Words in English
LLWYN ONN (The Ash Grove)
[Down yonder green valley where streamlets meander
When twighlight is fading I pensively rove;
Or at the bright moontide in solitude wander,
Amid the dark shades of the lonely Ash Grove;
'Twas there, while the blackbird was cheerfully singing,
I first met that dear one the joy of my heart!
Around us for gladness the bluebells were ringing,
Ah! then little thought I how soon we should part.]
[Still glows the bright sunshine o'er valley and mountain,
Still warbles the blackbird its note from the tree;
Still trembles the moonbeam on streamlet and fountain,
But what are the beauties of Nature to me?
With sorrow, deep sorrow, my bosom is laden,
All day I go mourning in search of my love!
Ye echoes! oh tell me, where is the sweet maiden?
"She sleeps 'neath the green turf down by the Ash Grove."]
Penygroes, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL54 6DB
Another Version
The ash grove, how graceful, how plainly tis speaking,
the harp [wind through it playing has language for me.
Whenever the light through its branches is breaking
a host of kind faces is gazing on me.
The friends of my childhood again are before me,
each step wakes a memory as freely I roam.
With soft whispers laden its leaves rustle o'er me,
the ash grove, the ash grove again [alone is my home.
Down yonder green valley where streamlets meander
when twilight is fading I pensively rove.
Or at the bright noontide in solitude wander
amid the dark shades of the lonely ash grove.
Twas there while the blackbird was cheerfully singing
I first met that dear one, the joy of my heart.
Around us for gladness the bluebells were springing
the ash grove, the ash grove that sheltered my home.
My laughter is over, my step loses lightness,
old countryside measures steal soft on my ears;
I only remember the past and its brightness,
the dear ones I mourn for again gather here.
From out of the shadows their loving looks greet me,
and wistfully searching the leafy green dome,
I find other faces fond bending to greet me,
the ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home.
Words in Native Tongue
LLWYN ONN (The Ash Grove)
Yn Nyffryn Llwyn Onn draw mi welais hardd feinwen
A minnau'n hamddena 'rol byw ar y don;
Gwyn ewyn y lli oedd ei gwisg, a disgleirwen
A'r glasfor oedd llygaid Gwen harddaf Llwyn Onn.
A ninnau'n rhodiana drwy'r lonydd i'r banna,
Sibrydem i'n gilydd gyfrinach byd serch;
A phan ddaeth hi'n adeg ffarwelio a'r wiwdeg,
Roedd tannau fy nghalon yng ngofal y ferch.
Cyn dychwel i borthladd wynebwn y tonnau,
Ond hyfryd yw'r hafan 'rol dicter y don;
Bydd melys anghofio her greulon y creigiau--
Un felly o'wn innau 'rol cyrraedd Llwyn Onn.
A thawel mordwyo wnaf mwyach a Gwenno
Yn llong fach ein bwthyn a hi wrth y llyw;
A hon fydd yr hafan ddiogel a chryno
I'r morwr a'i Wenno tra byddwn ni byw.
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