Touchstone Sacred Dance Library Glossary of Terms

These are a number of terms which are used while discussing the histories 
and the ways of facilitation of Sacred Circle Dance. 
The following terms relate particularly to the form of Scared Circle dance known as
The LongDance, a genre evolved by Shaker.  (see the entry below)
It is very difficult to describe what some of these terms mean because they deal with phenomena not commonly a part of our social paradigm and daily considerations. 
The terms themselves have been chosen, bent or created in order to describe something that our common language and thought pattern is incapable of describing. 
This glossary should be read with the intent of connotation rather than the intent of definition.
Also, the connotations of each term described would be the far better understood when viewed as a part of a whole ... I therefore highly suggest browsing through the entire glossary if you wish to understand the gist of any individual term.
This is a language and way of integration and subtlety.  There is no here ot there or this is this and that is that.
Where-as Volumes could be written on any one of these terms, I offer here a few hopefully clarifying paragraphs.
Here is a beginning of a glossary list that, as visitors to this web page email queries, 
is sure to grow.
Best Dancer 
Ceremonial Yoga 
The Collected State  
Direct Knowledge  
Entry dance 
Inner Story 
The LongDance 
Mother of The Circle 
Rhythm Dance  
Sacred Time, Sacred Space  
Seal a Circle 
Witness (to the Dance) 
Yakzan Valdez 
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