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Associations---Greece Sacrifice Men 
Tapes Found On---Green Tapes Camp 92 
Song Name---Strose to stroma su
This was the dance of the Butcher's Guild of Constantinople during the Byzantine period, and was then known as Makellarikos, from the "pure" word for butcher. The dance remained popular in Constantinople and western Asia Minor for centuries until the 1922 change, after which it was absorbed by rembetika music and became panhellenic. In modern times, the dance has also become popular with sailors and is thus sometimes called Naftiko in ports. Thanks to the movie "Zorba the Greek," it has become the best known Greek dance in the world. There are countless variations and no two groups of dancers do the same routine. The dance is done with a hand-to-shoulder hold, and the dancers may improvise the order of the variations, communicating with taps on the shoulders of the adjacent dancer. 
Often said to be an ancient dance of sacrifice.
... see Khassapiko.
Words in English
The road is dark 
until I meet you.
Meet me in the road
that I may give you my hand.
Make your bed for two,
for you and for me,
that we may embrace each other from the start
and all will be brought back to life.
I embraced you, you embraced me.
You took from me and I took from you.
I lost myself in your eyes and in your fate.
Words in Native Tongue
O dromos ine skotinos
ospu na síandamoso.
Kseprovale me sto strati
to khyeri na su dhoso.
Strose to stroma su ya dhyo
ya sena ke ya meoa
/níanbgalyastume apítin arkhi
na ëní ola anastimeoa./
Síangalyasa míangalyses.
Mu pires ke su pira.
Khathika mes sta matya su
ke sti dhiki su mira.
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