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Sweet Girl/Strong Woman 

Associations---Armenia Women Armenia Women 
Tapes Found On---Camp 92 DC II 
Song Name---Siroon Aghchig
Writer---Udi Hrant
The song Siroon Aghcheek 
was written in 1936 for his (Udi Hrantís) 
bride-to-be, Aghvani. 
Udi called the song 'Sweet Girl'.  The women of the Circle Dance communities began to call the song 'Strong Woman' as a part of their struggle to redifine the values the modern patriarcal cultures put upon women.  I (Shaker) call it 'Sweet Girl, Strong Woman'.  May all men and women be both sweet of Heart and Soul and Strong of Spirit and Mind.
May all beings be nourished, healed, honored and loved
This is avery very lively and vivacious dance.  It will certainly start the heart pumping.
Words in English
Sweet girl, sweet love, come, come, take my soul. I can't do without you.
Wherever you go, take me with you.
You will take me, my sweet one, don't be shy. You are like sugar, my sweetness.
Let me be shoes for your feet.
If I were close to you, I would put a ring on your finger. I would give you a kiss,
Then surrender my life to you.
Words in Native Tongue
yekur. yekur. hokis ar/
Arantz kezi chem kurma
ur vor yertas hetot tar/
Ilebtet tar inde murushik
tau mu haner anuahik/
Shaghar es tu anneshik
tar vodkerud tarm pachik/
Yes khn motu ul-lahi
patut matnu antznehi/
Pauchik mu kezi tayi
heto kyankhu azdehi
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