Sacred Circle Dance
Learning The Dances

It it certainly easiest to learn these dances from a living experience of the dance.
 Many who have come to this web page in the past
 have asked us to assist them 

in learning to learn and to learn to teach 
either Sacred Circle Dance or the Sacred Circle LongDance.
Anja and Shaker organize and or host a number of camps
 during the year
around the country.  There may be one near you

We also offer a residential program at the Farm
(Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center in Easthampton, Massachusetts)
which is open for visitation and partaking in
from May 1st through October 31st each year.

Also, Anja and Shaker often travel at request
 in order to offer weekend or day events.

These events help to start a local Circle of Sacred Dance.

If you are interested in either coming to Touchstone for an intensive 
or in having Anja and Shaker come to your area to offer an event, 
email us for scheduling or to discuss the potentials.
Please do contact Anja and Shaker and make arrangements.
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