Sacred Dance

The Story of The Dance


"...and I could not tell the dancer from the dance.".
I have been asked a goodly number of times
if I would, please, write
The Book of the Dance, the Story of the Dance.

The following evolving list of dances
and their graphically represented choreography
is a beginning towards that end.
It should be kept in mind, however, that
I am much more the poet than the historian.
Much like when I facilitate a posture flow in one of my yoga sessions,
I use words (the druidic vapors)
to bring forth in the individuals present
a true experience of the posture
- of their own body, heart and soul
- rather than to lecture upon who may or may not have created the posture
and who considers what to be the correct form.
So, too, with the Dance.
The Story of The Dance is a Living Story.
It is more in the cool starry night than in the cool rooms of the library;
it is more in the Living Heart
of your tender self
than in the correct metered beat of a certain era in a certain time.
The Direct Experience of one's own heart, emotions, mind and body,
of one's own joy, grief and ocean of life
is the opportunity I attempt to cultivate
when facilitating a circle,
be it in the medium of story, yoga, gardening,
music, wildcrafting or dance.
Here below is the evolving list of dances in the Sacred Circle Dance vocabulary.
Within the text of each dance you will find the origins, history
and also pieces to the Story of the Dance.
I should mention that The Story of The Dance, as presented here,
is a work of my own creation
where-in I am using hypertext as medium for a new art form.
You may either stay within the simple list of dances and choreography
you may wander off into what is becoming hundreds of pages
in labyrinthine form
of this very personal Story of The Dance.
As time allows I will be adding dances to
the list and more background and texture to the dances already posted.
If you wish to deepen in the general background
of the Nature of The Dance in
the context of the Union of Living Sacred Time and Sacred Space, then
Enter Here.
Other wise,
to browse the list and choreography as interest leads you.
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