Sacred Circle Dance Choreography

Touchstone Sacred Dance Library

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a few last words before you enter
Many people from around the world
are expressing interest in Sacred Circle Dance
and especially in the form evolved at Touchstone
called LongDance or EarthDance.
At Touchstone Farm we offer frequent intensive
Weekend long and week long sessions in
Teaching new Facilitators the Basic Dances,
the histories, stories,
and the inner ways of the Dance

We - Anja and Shaker - also travel frequently to different areas to assist in starting up a circle
by hosting a special event. We usually call the event
The Breath of The Dance.

If you are interested in either of these ways of learning The Dance
or in starting a circle in your area,
please do contact us.
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Anja Daniel and George Shaker McNeill
Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center
132 West Street
Easthampton, Ma 01027 USA
Phone: 413-527-8723

Thank you
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