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This is not History.  Nor is this Herstory.
This is Story.
The Origins, Histories and Choreography 
have been passed to me in an oral and scattered way through the years.
Additional suggestions and corrections are very welcomed.
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The Notes on Facilitation of a circle pertain to the LongDance or EarthDance 
form of Sacred Circle Dance that has evolved at Touchstone, though they may apply to regular circle dance also. 
There is definitely a deep influence from the teachings of Rumi, 
from Yakzan Valdez and from the ancient ways of direct knowledge
The stories behind the linked text are mostly from personal experience
and are are written just as they occurred.
I have been asked time and again to make these stories, which until now have been oral,
available for people to read at their own leisure.
I add them partly as a way of affirming the experience of the magic that occurs
within every person's life.

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General Background and History of Sacred Circle Dance

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