About Anja
Anja is a minstrel in the truest sense.
For years she wandered walking and hitch-hiking through Europe
simply singing the songs which were close to her Heart. 
She sang songs of the circle, songs of the environment, songs of peace.
With no aspiration to 'make it' as a singer, she simply sang.
During the peak of the war in old Yugoslavia she and a small band 
walked across the breadth of Europe from village to village, community to community 
sharing and singing songs of peace.

Over six years ago Anja found her way to Touchstone Farm.
She is currently co-director of Touchstone.
Anja spends much of her time growing organic herbs and flowers, 
hosting events, horseback riding 
and inspiring our wide community with Faith and Joy
by simply who she is and the way she lives.

She also continues in her path of the music of the Heart 
by filling the local community with song and music. 
She has published about 15 CDs which range from long and mediative piano pieces 
to lively circle dance music to ballads of woman to childrens ballads
to songs of prayer and songs of peace from many faiths and cultures.
It is not uncommon for an entire circle of people to seep into soft tears w
hen ever Anja sings in the candle light of the evenings.

When not traveling about the world to teach dance and to share music,
Friday and Saturday evenings you will find Anja and Shaker hosting an evening of
Sacred Circle Dance at Touchstone.

If you wish to contact Anja or Shaker
about learning the dances or of the ways of the facilitation of the dance,
or to inquire into who may be available your area for a special circle or event---
or if you wish to find if there is a circle already in your area,
click here to contact us

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