Werner, Anja's dad,
is a free spirit.
It is said that - if you need something done, Werner knows someone who can do it.
And this appears to be very true.  Anja had sent ahead  to Germany two boxes of CDs
for us to sell as we journied through Europe.  When they arrived, the Custom's
House held them.  On the next to last day Anja was notified that she could pick them up,
but when she went to get them, the head inspector told her that she needed to pay 
18Euro per CD to get them -which is just about the same as what we
were intending to sell them for.  We were at a loss.
The next morning one of Werner's many many many friends came to visit.
He was an activist by life and he wished to meet Werner's daughter and her friends
who were - amazingly to him - Peace activists from the evil emprire!
We had a wonderful exchange.  Then he asked us about our PEACE CD.
Anja sighed and told him of our terrible predicament - we had no CDs to offer.
"The inspector said what?!?" the friend scowled.
Then added, "this is the job for me.  I will get them for you"
The next day we met Werner's friend at the Inspector's office.
He began our session by saying to the Inspector (in German, of course)
"We have come here to arrest you!"
"What ... ! ..."
I said - "We have come here to arrest you!"
"Well, sir, we shall see who gets arrested.!"
"Can't you take a joke?  I was just joking ---
--- But about the CDs for this nice young woman ..."

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