Werner, Anja's dad,
as I was saying, has a friend for every need
and a way of being there when folks are in need.
His free spirit and nonprofessional ways are an anomaly
in the structured (but friendly) German culture.

(continuing the story from the previous picture page)
One thing led to another.  The inspector and his staff definately became softer
When they heard that Anja had made a 

that was a benefit project for Palestinian children.
Then he took a CD of Anja's and put it into his computer to play.
The whole office became quiet as - one by one - the Inspector listened to Anja's music.
Finally, he got up from his computer and came to the front desk.
"Pretty peaceful music, don't you think?" his assistant commented.
He paused, looked around, and then said to the assistant,
 "I am not here.  Just do what you will and let's get them out of here."
The assistant wrapped the two boxes of CDs neatly and handed them to us.
"Enjoy your journey --- " she smiled.

We could not thank Werner's friend enough for his daring and persistent help.
"Make Peace," he waved good-bye as he walked away down the street.