Home Again
Thank you to Rowan and Bill and Sue and Carol and Penny and Jay
who led the dance evenings while we were on tour.
Pictured here are Jonathan, Anja and Bill.
Dan, Jonathan and Bill met many challenges at Touchstone Farm while we were gone.
They were watching over the farm and the center at large.
The winter was extremely cold and stormy while we were gone.
There were a number of very serious emergencies which occured 
which they handled with great love and capacity.
Once they saved the main building from burning due to an electric fire,
then they re-wired an entire building.
Another time there were many and difficult to get at major ruptures in the water system due to pipe freezing.
This was the real sacred dance - the one that Bill and Dan and Jonathan did while we were gone.
They literally saved the farm.

Anja and I are deeply grateful.