About Shakurah

Deborah Georgianne Hall-McNeil ---Shakurah --- has ever walked an alternative life.
She currently spends her days as a small farmer, 
sometimes yoga teacher, dance teacher,  musician, and recording button pusher.
She and Anja co-direct Touchstone.
Since youth
her path has been the Open Road and the Mythic, 
She began formal studies of Sacred Dance in the mid-seventies 
with Yakzan Valdez, a sheik 
of both the Chisti and the Mevlana (begun by Rumi) orders of the  Sufis. 
Here she deepened in the inner or direct knowledge (shamanic) ways of The Dance.

She is the one who first brought forth 
the genre of Sacred Circle Dance 
known as The LongDance, 
which has its roots both in Rumi and in the modes of the Neolithic Temple Dances,
as well as in the wide vocabulary of movement found in Sacred Circle Dance. 

She currently uses The Dance as a medium to cultivate that union which the crones of the neolithic temples instilled in the circles and of which Hafiz and Rumi hinted,
that time which is not measured by any clock
but rather by the depth of ones dreams.
That substance which the the source of both dream and stone.

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