An Invitation to, Come,
Return to Holy Mountain
The East Coast
Sacred Circle Dance Camp 2004
Friday, July 30th to Friday, August 6th
Come, join us in this conflagration of The Dance!
This year the
East Coast Sacred Circle Dance Camp 2004
will again be held on the mountain top retreat
of the sufi community at
The Abode of The Message in New Lebanon, NY.
.                          ..            ..
Come, join the Dance with us during
a week of Sacred Circle Dance

We are very happy to announce that this year 
the primary facilitators of camp will be:
Martine Winnington of Switzerland, Barbara Herring from Canadian
and Shaker

Traditional Dances, Fast Dances, Breathless Dances, 
Fun Dances, Prayer Dances, Healing Dances, Old Dances, New Dances,
the LongDance, Zikr, Sacred Boogie
and lots of live music
all on a mountain top retreat area where in past centuries
the Shakers held their 'nature' worship dances:
Come to all or to part of this joyous
Celebration of The Dance.

Early registration is $444 (until June 1st)
After June 1st registration is $490
(refundable until July 12th)
Includes food, lodging and the full program.
Come to all or part of the week.
Per day Registration is $75 before June 1st and $90 there-after.

The Abode is pleased to work with us to offer a
Special Discount for Canadian Citizens.
Email Bill Chidsey  at:

 (telephone  413 626 7375)
to find out about this Special Canadian Discount
to find out about Work Study

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East Coast Sacred Circle Dance Camp
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To contact us for more information  and to make reservations for
Return To Holy Mountain Dance Camp
Email Bill Chidsey  at:
or call Bill at1 413 626 7375
or  for music and dance offerings call Anja and Shaker at
or Email them at

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