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The Touchstone Apprenticeship program has evolved through the years
It was originaly an apprenticeship for people wishing to become organic farmers.
Now it has become a program of Lifestyle Integration in a community setting.


Many folks and especially dancers have asked this past year about
The TouchStone Summer program.

The Summer program runs from the beginning of May through the end of September.
It is not so much a program as it is an opportunity to live in a

simple way in a community setting in the midst of sacred dance, music making, singing,
healthy food, sauna, hot tub, meditation gardens, herb gardens and yoga.

Folks who partake in the Summer Program stay 
either for a weekend or for a week or a month or for the entire seasons turn.
People are welcomed to join in any

or all or none of our activities while they are here.  The activities include;
growing and using medicinal herbs, gardening, music making and recording,
dancing (circledance, LongDance, free form dance) and creating dances, yoga,
creating special events, dreaming.

Folks  who have come here for the program during the last decade
have come for many reasons.
Some come to simply be in a quiet, nurturing, restful and safe environment;
some come to work on their music;  some to deepen in the dance for

joy or with the purpose in mind of becoming a dance facilitator,
others come to learn medicinal herbs, others to learn market gardening,
still others just for the joy and the food.

The cost of participating in the Summer Program is $80 to $125 per week.
This includes simple housing, all food and all activities we offer.

To find out more about the Touchstone Center Summer Program,
contact Anja or Shaker

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The ongoing daily activities include sessions and activities in herbalism, wildcrafting,
landscape gardening (creating sacred space),

and the growing and prepartions of greenhouse crops, food crops, flowers and herbs
as well as sessions in yoga, sacred dance and music.
There is also some market gardening activity available for those wishing to learn this experience.

A number of people usually wish each year to participate in the full agricultural cycle,
which runs from May first until October thirty first.
Many other people decide to come for a week or two or for a month.
These people will experience the full Lifestyle Integration Experience and will leave the Center
with a solid grasp of the various Earth Relatiuonships as well as a deepened capacity
to be in and enjoy their own personal being through the various meditative movements.

During the season (May through October) we offer a number of three day intensives
in either Herbalism or in Yoga and or Sacred Circle Dance --- Meditative Movement.

During the colder seasons (October through April)
we offer a number of special retreats and three day intensives in Sacred Circle Dance,
especially the LongDance or EarthDance form
for those who wish to come to the farm and participate
as well as ongoing sessions in Yoga and in Sacred Dance for the local community.

<>If you wish to contact Shaker about the either
the Apprenticeship Program
the Special Events and Sessions,
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