Living in the Mystery
Using the mediums of
sacred circle dance, gardening, botanicals and medicinal herbs, wildcrafting,
yoga, meditation and music
cultivate the inner qualities.
132 West Street
Easthampton, Ma 01027
Touchstone Farm is a small working organic suburban market garden,
Center of Sacred Dance and Yoga, and also has a recording studio
in which we create music to accompany our activities
as well as help new minstrels find a voice.
Over the years we have evolved from a commercial organic farm towards a more integrated form of earth relationship.
We became smaller and, much like in the movie "Field of Dreams",
began to open Sacred Space.
We began to change our barns into places for folk to meet in a trusting environment
and with heartfelt intent we drew circles and labyrinths in the dirt
The stories of what followed are more difficult to believe than the movie.
Magic aplenty flowed from the seven directions.
The bear, the hummingbird and the eagle have all had their say.

After having served the community for over two decades,
the center itself has been closed for two and a half years now
we are about to re-open
and dance once again in re-birth and wonder
a new meditation-community-yoga-dancing temple
with seven new homes
about to be built as part of the
Touchstone Eco-village.

Watch a trailor of the Film about Touchstone
Dancing With Angels

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a description of the Village
of the homes, the land and the organization
More about the Colonial Home in the EcoVillage
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Directions to Touchstone

Here follows a listing of our current activities:

Ongoing Sessions in Hatha Yoga
weekly evenings of posture flow
The Hot Yoga Program
merging the body with the Angels of Sun and Fire
Ceremonial Yoga
a dramatic yoga of movement and inner intent.
The Yoga Special Programs and Weekends and the Apprentice Programs
offered at Touchstone also include yoga as well as other meditative mediums.
More information on Yoga.
The Dance
More information on The Dance
Weekly Sacred Circle Dance Evenings
Touchstone has become a regional center for Sacred Circle Dance.
We host on this web site one of the largest digital libraries of dance with choreography on the web.
Every Saturday evening findsa circle of people of all ages and walks of life gathering 
in the Ceremony Room Barn to deepen in the remembrance 
of the circles of circles in dances from all lands, cultures and eras.
The dances range from the silly to the sacred,
from the honoring of the Crone to the opening of the sweet soul of the man,
from the joy-filled to the angry.
The Long Dance
Every Friday Evening.
Often called Sacred Circle LongDance or Sacred Circle EarthDance,
(or simply 'LongDance' or 'EarthDance')
This is a form of Dance evolved by Shaker 
during the last thity years of his dance experience.
Only qualified facilitators of The LongDance may host these sessions.
These evenings are quite often comprised of one long meditative dance.
When the participants arrive, the dance has already begun.
Seamlessly, causing no ripple in either the physical body or the emotionally o the dance,
the participants join in the moving circle.
Upon ending the evening, very often the reverse occurs.
With no conversation but holding the sacred living space in quietness,
the participants one by one seamlessly leave the dance and go out into the cool breeze temple of the night.
Celebrations of the Eight Agricultural (Fire) Holidays
on the Saturday nearest the time of the Equinox, the Solstice and the Cross Quarter Days
(Beltaine, Lamas, Sawain, Imbolg)
many of the folk who frequent our small farm-center will gather to observe the flow of the seasons and our of lives in dance, talkstory, myth and drama.
A family affair.
More information on The Dance
The Gardens and The Visitors Summer Program
The Gardens Themselves
Gardening is another medium, like Yoga or The Dance, in which we cultivate both inner and outer Sacred Space.  We are not an estate. Our history is as a working organic market garden. Our gardens reflect this. As well as open fields in which we will grow much of our commercial crops, there are the landscaped gardens.
These are comprised of the 
Mediation Garden, the Medicine Wheel Garden, The Caudeuses or Theme Herb Garden,
& the Triple Goddess Garden (a set of three circles thematically Maiden, Mother and Crone.The Moon Garden is a sunken sand garden about 60 feet in diameter. Much of our dancing occurs here.
There is also the Large Ceremonial Labyrinth, planted each May of corn and sunflowers. This is a half mile walk in and out.
Then there is the 'Working Labyrinth', a smaller traditional christion mystic, celtic or creten labyrinth which, for its smaller size, makes it more accesable for daily meditations.
The Summer Retreats and the Apprenticeship Programs
This is an intensive program in which the participants partake of days full of a seemingly varied type of activity.
Yoga, Sacred Dance, Music, Herbalism, Herbalism, Wholistic Diet and Healing, Wildcrafting, Gardening and Creating Sacred Space
are all a part of the day in which we create our Lifestyle Integration.
Participants may come for a day, a weekend, a week, a month or two
or for the full cycle (May 1st through October 31st)
Some folk will simply come and relax a few days in one of the garden huts.
More on the Gardens and the Programs Offered.

Directions to Touchstone
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