Anja's SongBook

Available in Tape and in CD

This Selection was recorded on several afternoons during the summer of 96 
by the apprentices that year at Touchstone and led and inspired by Anja 
who had just then first come to the farm.
 from her years of wandering afoot through Europe 
as a true Minstrel of Peace.

The recording is fresh, live and raw, full of texture, joy and magic.
This was our first recording.  I am reluctant to admit that it was all done on a yard sale tape player with two microphone inputs.  The mixing was done mostly in process as I (Shaker) gently tilted the mics this way and that with my fingers and waved to each person to be louder or softer or to emote.  The quality of this work amazingly equals those that we now produce in a state of the art studio.

All of the songs on this album are inspired.
From the African Dumela Mareba and Funga,
to the exquisite version of the Israeli MaNa Vu.
(Blessed are the feet of she who walks upon the mountain bringing news of Peace)

Find My Joy has become an inspirational song of simple life wisdom
 for many many folks.

There will never be another album like this one.
Now the apprentices of that year have gone on to wonder filled lives, all,
but sweetly will all who partook in the making of this work ever remember
those Summer days of soft tears and aching laughter.

Vocals Anja, Kimberley Eve (Jaia), Branden, Amy, Mel, Nicole,, Greta , Rania  and friends
Percussion: Amy, Melanie, Nicole, Greta, , Rania, Anja and friends
Guitar: Anja
Sound & Production: Shaker and Branden

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