a gathering of friends

During the Autumn evenings of 2002 Anja Jim, Jonathan and now and then a friend
gathered in the candlelit Touchstone Recording Studio
and created this beautiful set of music.
The range is very wide --- 
it includes very traditional dances, like the Miserlu and Lgnala Dana.
It also includes more modern circle dances like The Queen of Heaven, 
which honors the feminine principle of the Divine Mystery.
and Atahualpa, a song by the Chilean poet and martyr Victor Hara,
who was murdered during the CIA supported coup
which overthrew the democratically elected Salvador Allende
and replaced him with a repressive military regime more friendly to US interests.
Victor Hara's song laments for the return of the freedom of the people 
under a rule of righteousness rather than military power,
a theme very relevant in today's world 
which is dominated by militaristic and selfish power elites
who pose as democratic leaders.

Also included is a tender version of 
one of Anja's most popular and beloved songs, Find My Joy,
as well as a beautiful mandolin creation by the mandolin maker, Jonathan,
to which we dance the steps of Winds on the Tor.
Exquisite music for body, Heart and MInd.

The Songs:
Find My Joy  7:33
Earth Beneath My Feet  7:26
Queen of Heaven  8:32
Makedonska  4:44
Lgnala Dana  4:16
Miserlu  3:44
Tino Mori  5:21
Hungarian Gypsy  5:08
Anastasia  4:40
Erev Ba  5:11
Atahualpa  3:31
Shalu Shalom  7:01
Autumn  5:49

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