The Garden in Winter
Available in Tape and in CD

Recording with Lissa is quite an experience. 
You set up the studio and when things are ready, you go and search for her.  
Almost any hour of the day she is out in the garden working.  
"Can't we do it later?" she'd plead to stay in the garden.
So there she is, standing before the mikes, garden dirt smudged across her face,
her clothes heavy with rich soil, bits of weeds and seeds and twigs
 tangled in her hair ---
and the voice of a pure Heart.

You will never forget these songs 
which will open your heart and mind in deep and unique ways.

Some of Lissa's comments on her songs

Holy Land        Summer 1997
I was on a work trip to Palestine, and our group was visiting Hebron 
in the midst of the clashes.An Israel officer halted us and asked us 
what we were doing.Our guide,a member of the Christian Peacemakers Team,explained our peaceful intent of bearing witness.The officer repliedîpeacemaking is all very well and good 
but this is  neither the time nor the place ì

Return         Winter 1998/ 1999 in Salzdahlum,
the village in Germany where Anjaís family lives and where she grow up.One day we talked 
with Anjaís mother and it was  like a little confrontation in which i realized again how often
mothers want a special way for their children,a path that doesnít always go along with our visions.It was snowing and after this conversation I went for a long walk on which this song 
came to me.When I came home Anja and me sat down in our room in the basement and I
 shared the song with her     Return ,song of a child to her mother

Seperate from the Land    Fall 1998
I wrote this about a lovely old woodlot that stood near my college- it was razed in 
order to put up a grocery store.Iíd come home from hearing Wendell Berry speak beautifully
 at NOFA,about our connection to the land = went to gather some nettles
 and walked into this scene of destruction.It was physically painful
 - I suddenly knew absolutely what Wendell Berry meant

Wander of the woodland    Fall 1998
I lived in County Clare,the summer I was sixteen,once I was walking along the cliffs near where I was staying I saw a girl of maybe seven sitting down near the water playing ìmerrily kiss the Quakerî on her tin whistle.
When I wrote this song I stuck that tune in the middle because it brings all of that joy back - the joy of music ,of walking of the ocean,
of being too young to care about how you are percieved

Voice: Lissa, Erin Weaver, Anja Daniel
Guitar: Lissa and Anja        Rhythm: Anja        Recorder:  Anja

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