Give Thanks
a collection of  Touchstone Farm
prayer songs for meals and birthdays

Available in Tape and in CD

Since music is so much a part of our daily life here at Touchstone, 
I suggested that we gather 
for a potluck dessert and recording fest 
to record some of our favorite meal gathering songs. 
 So we did.

 This collection contains a full course 
of  the gathering songs we customarily sing at meals here 
at the farm. --  light, giddy, soft, thoughtful, prayerful.

They  were brought mostly to the farm by Anja 
who gathered many of them during the time when 
she was wandering through Europe and sharing music 
in circles and on the streets.

The Songs
1  prayer                  
2  We Are A Circle          
3  United We Are One              
4  Only One Mother                     
5  Om The Food                           
6  Food To The World      
7  Give Thanks                             
8  Rejoice                                   
9  Thank You For The Food          
10  The Lords Been Good        
11  Blessed Am I                           
12  Dear Friends                  
13  We Come To You This Day 
14  Happy Birthday to you-me 
15  Sing It In Love        
16  The Sun is Going To Shine
17  Here We Are Once Again  
18  Fly Away Home              
19  prayer     
The singers are:
Anja Daniel, Lissa Carter, Erin Weaver,  Dan Lamaire,
 Sharon Markworth, Adam Novitz, Jaia Wise, 
Jonathan Vacanti and Shaker

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