Lieder von einer Lange Reise
(Songs from a Long Journey)
Available in Tape and in CD

One Sunday Anja asked me to help her record two or three songs to send to a friend, 
 a young girl in Germany .  By nightfall this full collection of ballads was complete. 
You will sometimes hear the crickets and the songbirds in the background. 
This is because Anja sat  with her guitar in an open sunny  sliding glass door on the 
southern side of the Touchstone Farm Dancing room as she sang and played. 
Though the songs are in German, your heart is sure to leap and to weep 
as you listen to these simple and exquisite ballads.  Once you have read the translations, 
you will be captured within the stories and the meanings behind these ballads forever.
Like the poets words an elder woman neighbor placed on her on a garden gate,
ìBeware ye who enter into here,
For ye shall nevermore escape nor be free of my spell.î
1 Wolfsfied 
 2 Die Blinde Katerina 
 3 Rot und Blau und Gruen und Gelb
 4 Faul sein ist wunderschoen 
 5 Hestar Jonas 
 6 Die Alte auf der Schaukel 
 7 Drei Zigeuner 
 8 Das Lied von den Elchen 
 9 Die Alte Moorhexe 
 10 Hexenlied . 
 11 Unterm Pflaster 
 12 Kaspar Hauser 
 13 Scchlaflied fuer Anne 
 14 Weil wir das Leben lieben 
 15 Mein Vater Wird Gesucht 
 16 Koenigin der Nacht 
Song of the Wolfs   09:12
The blind Katharina   02:42
 Red and Blue and Green and Yellow   01:47
Being lazy is Wonderful  02:30
Hestar Jonas   03:38
The Old One on the Swing  02:20
Three Gypsies   03:45
The Song of the Elks 04:04
The Old Mud Witch   03:16
Song of the Witches  02:47
 Under the Street Stones  04:44
Kaspar Hauser   05:34
Sleeping Song for Anne  05:10
Because We Love Life  02:29
They Search for My Father  02:10
Queen of the Night   03:36
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