Lieder  von einer langen Reise
Gesammelt und Gesungen  von Anja Daniel

Songs from a Long Journey
Gathered and Sung by Anja Daniel

Available in Tape and in CD

Anja gathered these songs as a  minstrel wandering afoot through Europe.  She wandered from environmental rally to peace gathering,
traversing  the continental countryside again and again 
She currently resides at Touchstone
where she is a an organic market gardener of herbs and flowers,
where she leads weekly circles of Sacred Dance,
 and where she hosts continual circles of song.

She leaves the farm and  travels occasionally these days 
to lead circles of song and of Sacred Dance.

 to arrange for Anja to come  to host an event in your community
either in song or in leading Sacred Dance as she sings and tells her stories,

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1 Wolfsfied 
 2 Die Blinde Katerina 
 3 Rot und Blau und Gruen und Gelb
 4 Faul sein ist wunderschoen 
 5 Hestar Jonas 
 6 Die Alte auf der Schaukel 
 7 Drei Zigeuner 
 8 Das Lied von den Elchen 
 9 Die Alte Moorhexe 
 10 Hexenlied . 
 11 Unterm Pflaster 
 12 Kaspar Hauser 
 13 Scchlaflied fuer Anne 
 14 Weil wir das Leben lieben 
 15 Mein Vater Wird Gesucht 
 16 Koenigin der Nacht 
Song of the Wolfs   09:12
The blind Katharina   02:42
 Red and Blue and Green and Yellow   01:47
Being lazy is Wonderful  02:30
Hestar Jonas   03:38
The Old One on the Swing  02:20
Three Gypsies   03:45
The Song of the Elks 04:04
The Old Mud Witch   03:16
Song of the Witches  02:47
 Under the Street Stones  04:44
Kaspar Hauser   05:34
Sleeping Song for Anne  05:10
Because We Love Life  02:29
They Search for My Father  02:10
Queen of the Night   03:36
The Translations of The Songs

The Blind Katharina

1. She carries on her dresses
phosphorous colors for the night
For her there is always silence
if she talks or laughs
her eyes are her hands
she perceives you through her ears
there are lots of walls in her world 
but she doesnít see them anymore

Oh Katherina please give me courage 
make me brave and hold me
even if there is no meeting again tomorrow
I am the blind one please lead me
as you can see in the darkness
only because I assume that I can see
it doesnít mean that
I am able to recognize or perceive
Come on letís drop all our rules
you show me how to see

2. She teaches me out of the silence
how to wait
how to be silent
and shows from her full heart
sometimes anger sometimes happiness
when she loves there is only love
when she hates there is only hate
everything she does is immediately now
with eternal joy


3. Blind people are like children
whose hearts get broken
they always want to go
only towards the light
only towards the light


The Queen of the Night

1.When the day awakes for the queen of the night

2.When inside you the rain falls and your flourishing alights the night

3.Then the night becomes day . Outside and inside are one. In you the song of Being plays.
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Three Gypsies

Three gypsies stood at the castle gate they sang so
high they sang so low the lady sat in her chamber
late, her heart it melted away like snow

They sang so sweet, they sang so shrill
that fast her tears began to flow
And she laid down her silken gown
her golden rings and all her show

She kicked off her high heeled shoes
a-made of Spanish leather,oh
She would walk in the street with her bare bare feet
all out in the wind and weather, oh

What made you leave your house and land
your golden treasures too?
What made you leave your new-wedded lord
to follow the raggle-taggle gypsies, oh?

What care I for my house and land?
What care I for my treasures,oh?
What care I for my new-wedded lord?
Iím off with the raggle-taggle gypsies,oh!
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Red, Blue, Green and Yellow

1.Red, Blue, Green and Yellow
all the colors of the world
I am drawing on my bed today

2.And then I dream without worries
Red, Blue, Green and Yellow
into the cold rough morning

3.And I run and I laugh
And I dance and I scream
all fear and worries away

4.And I run and I run
away from here and away from there
towards a better world

5. And I am sweating and thinking
about this terrible hard world
in which only money counts

6.Sorrow slums, misery, starving
poison, bombs, Napalm, fire,
destroying life bringing death

7.Come join together hand in hand
to create a new system in our countryland
because we are in great fear

[Written in Jan/Feb 1991 on the streets of a city in Germany as people came together
in groups to camp on the streets to protest the war in Iraq].
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Being Lazy is Wonderful

1. Being Lazy is Wonderful
as the work can wait
when the sun shines
and the flowers bloom
the world is so nice open and wide

The mother she bakes cake
that tastes nice to the lazy one
and also to the hard working one

2. Being lazy is wonderful
please believe me dear mother
when I come back
I will work hard
I promise


3. Being lazy is wonderful
with or without money
those who donít believe it
shall go to school
but we walk into the world


4.Being lazy is wonderful
much better than being hardworking
the air is clean 
the forest is green
and our horse he is white
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Good Night Song for Anne

1. Sleep Anne just fall into sleep
soon the night will come
who has made potatoes out of clouds

2.She comes from the mountains
comes from far away
Sleep Anne just fall into sleep
it is the time of sleep

3.Sleep Anne just fall to sleep
soon the moon will come
who lives far away behind the pear trees
one of them tickles her at her cheek
but the moon smiles and moves silently on

4. Sleep Anne just fall into sleep
soon a dream will come
it hatches through your ear
first you donít even feel him
then you ride with the dream ship
to the end of the night
until the morning opens your eyes
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My Father Gets Searched

My Father Gets Searched
he doesnít come home anymore
they hunt him with dogs
maybe they found him
and he doesnít come home anymore

Often the SA come to us
and asked us where he would be
we couldnít say it
they hit us
we didnít scream

But the mother cries
we read the official paper
The father was caught
and hung himself up
but I donít believe it

As he told us 
he wouldnít do this
His comrades say
that the SA shot him
without any trial

Today I know exactly 
why they did it
And we will complete
what he couldnít finish

And father 
walks in the front
leading us

The Old Mud Witch

The old witch of the mud
witches around in the devil mud
she circles
laughs ìupî and laughs ìdownî
when the animals feel her coming they get scared
and the children all shake

For her the whole world is silly
witch around witch around

But at midnight
she rides into the witch hole
feeds her seven snakes
brings the fast broom into the barn
and moves everything everywhere
and cleans scuffle sweeps up and down


From this magic in the mud
she lost her striped sock
that red left side sewn sock
that her sister had sent her
hangs in a birch
swings lonely by itself

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The Old One on the Swing

1. A girl on a playground
an old woman on the corner
the old one swallows pills
and the small one plays in the sand
Then the girl starts swinging
she sees the old one and calls out
ìyou have to try this 
we fly through the airî

Chorus: Grandma if you want to swing
 I will give you a push
yes please push me my dear
then I will become young again

2.The old one swings slowly, the little girl helps her
ìif the chain would break now
what could happen?
I hope nobody watches meî
she is not quite sure
ìthey will think I am crazy & get the policeî

3. She thinks of her circulation health
then she starts thinking
ìOh God how long has it been
that I was swinging
Wasnít it at the circus fair
in that white swan
with that tattooed man
who stared at me so deeply?î

4.She laughs from deep within 
she swings & doesnít feel ashamed anymore
she is a small girl now
with wrinkles in her face

Because We Love This Life

1.I felt like we were frozen in this autumn
the great coldness did chill us
we felt smashed & lost
and encircled by glaciers

Chorus: But also the great coldness 
will find its end if we want
and colorful flowers donít grow only in August
We will dance on the streets and become warm
I already have a chill of spring in my chest

2.We were hiding in our apartments
and didnít come out to the street anymore
The big dizziness broke out in our groups
they all looked very sad


3.Oh friends get our of your chambers
we did lock ourselves up
come on letís live now
instead of only complaining
and letís sing so that everyone can hear it


4. Because we love life let us dance
as hate and fear only make us weak
we will fight, love and plant some trees
as spring is coming
and we awaken

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Song of the Elk

In the evening elk step out from the dunes towards the beach
when the night like a good mother covers tenderly 
her blanket over the land

Quietly they drink from the water
in which there are stars like in the sky
and they lift their strong heads
silently in the summerwind breezes

Slowly they move away again
Animals of a long sunken time
And you still see them leaving in the far fog
as they walk through the wide gate of eternity
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I am dreaming by night and by day
and I imagined instead of being a witch
to be the most beautiful woman in the world
lots of magic drinks I brew
but for the true beauty
there doesnít grow an herb yet

I stay true to the witch
I stand and stare at her
what chaos can be created 
by her dirty wild dirty face
oh look what a fool I am
but joyfully I give everything for her

Through many magic nights
I slowly understand
that it was always special
to ride on a broom
and as I fly through the night 
I feel very clearly 
how beautiful I am
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Under the Paved Surface

Under the Paved Surface
there lays the beach
Hey you come on 
tear some stones out of the sand

1. Donít let yourself weaken 
stay strong towards your core
Donít slide in their tracks
Donít drive yourself away from you

2.Take off your shoes
that have pressed you for so long
Rather run barefoot
but not on their crutches

3. Donít let them tell you anything
what you should do
you can choose alone
and take your time donít rush

4. Circle around and dance
then they cannot catch you
and make them run away
with your laughter

5.The strongest and biggest force
is your fantasy
throw away the chains
and smash them against those 
who try to break all forces
with their power
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Hestar Jonas

Down in the ëgnadení valley
there happened a story
that started nice and didnít end that way

Hestar Jonas was the wife of Peter Meurer
she had strong hands and a young body
The days were work, the nights were empty
But Hestar had dreams and dreamt more and more

And  every morning as she was doing the laundry by the river Erft
she told the women what had remained from the dreams

There was the river full of wine
the trees carried bread
there bloomed cherries in the ëHamí field
that were red in winter
no peddler had to push his wagon
no dress cost money
no being had to suffer
no path was too far

The women listened with laughter in their faces
Hestarís dreams were beautiful and didnít harm
And every noon time on the market
where several peddlers called out
it seemed that most people circled around Hestar Jonas

The cities will fall 
where the rich ones are rare
The poor ones will raise up to the richness
without sins
And there wonít be the princes anymore
no bishop no king
And the morning wonít be like the evening was

The men often showed her a strange mouth
the better ones said Hestar you judge yourself to the ground
But in the nights in the cool grass they came hungry
and wanted Hestarís dreams and prayed ìplease nowî

But then one morning two men of the town came
grasped her and took her to the magistrate
There was the talk about God
There was the talk about her
There was the talk about dreams
that harm humans and animals

And they squeezed her neck
and broke her legs
and the whole town had days full of Hestar Jonesí screams

And she signed the blame with her crooked hand bent
and screamed her dreams
until the fire found her
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Kaspar Hausar

1.They say he came from Nuernburg and couldnít speak a word
On the market place they stood around and watched him
Some said ìHe is an animalî others asked ìWhat does he want?î
ìHe should go to the devil?î ìHunt him awayî

2.His hair on end and whirled, his walk was bent
look this poor crazy one is concieved by the Devil
the priest passes him a pitcher full of milk
which he drinks in one swallow
he doesnít drink from the harness
the wolf suckled him

3.My father who was a teacher in our village
stepped out of the crowd towards him
even though people threw bad words he spoke to him quietly
and the dumb one opened his mouth
and just gets out the words: ìî

4.My father brought him in our house
My mother washed out his clothes and cut his hair
my father taught him how to speak and read and write
and it seemed that everything you taught him
he swallowed immediately
how greedy he was

5.In those times the ìUettingerî field still belonged to the school
Kaspar and I we tilled together
soon everything was cultivated
we took care of every sprout and bud
and together brought in the harvest in autumn
The people looked and spoke strange
the dogs barked

6.One winter day the snow was fresh
it was January
my Mother called us to the table
the food was ready
my Father said ìGood appetiteî
and I waited for Kasparís step
Father grumbled ìWhere is Kaspar?î

7.We searched and found him on the path
close to the field, the new snow blew over him
there was no movement in his face, his eyes were wide with fear
his shirt was bloody and torn, they had stabbed him to death
down there in the ìUettingerî field

8. The policeman from the town fills out a report
ìGod may take him in his Graceî, says the priest
the ìUettingerî field has been laying empty for along time
and sometimes when I pass the dogs still bark after me
then I cast some flowers on the path
for Kaspar
for Kaspar

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1.August the shepard has heard wolves
wolves in the middle of May
only two so far
but the shepard swears that they howled
the feast song together
the one from older times
he screams and his hat is crooked
he screams, hush, people, get the scythes
before it is too late
before the cock crows three times
but who listens to an at old hat
and takes heed

2. August the shepard was never seen from again
only his old hat full of blood
swam in the creek
the witchchilod of the village discovered late
around ten of them
by night in the stone wall
covered with blood
and the muzzles in the wind
With a spell the mother closed her childís mouth
and whisperedîBe quiet or you will die my childî
the one who doenít forget the bad wolf
will always stay as a child

3.Soon dogs catch the wind
roses smelled like death
no pig ate
owls hunted by day
chickens hid their eggs in the sand
meat in the cellar got soft
fish lept from the pan to the land
then the old ones without teeth laughed and rattled
ìwe warned you before
fertilize the fields with old manure again
otherwise everything is manureî

4. Then at Johannesí place at the fire dance celebration
nobody today knows how anymore
they were suddenly out of the woods
they jumped into the dance circle
bit the brides into the grass
and the moon was pale but still light
The fire burned lightly out of dry moss
the forest burned down to the river
children play in front of the smoke
as if we donít know anything
and donít smell

5. Now there are times when they call out
ìGet the gold out of your mouthî
be clever and dig ditches around your house
give your daughters to the rawest
the one who can also slice the poverty
break open bread with the teeth
so say the dirty beggar and trader
and praised amulets out of wolfís teeth
put straw and wires around the neck
and hold the neck

6. But what had happened in the houses
bites in wall and bed
which fat...?
who gave the ëkriedeí and the flower to the wolves
sprinkled with the pawís white
which goat balanced the goat bark
and a 7th goat baby hit (how to hide)
they discovered big stones in the well
lots of questions that only somebody
wants to hear who wants to disturb

7. Only that ìkreideí with a porcupine shape
today a tourist came
knows how much really had happened there
but wild he sits in his cage
eats blood sausages and laughs
when you ask him
and only at midnight to the night of Johannes
when the fire wheel jumps from the mountains
the tourist group sings happily the feast song
he bites woild into the screen fence
screams stop with this song
it is an ugly song


One Sunday Anja asked me to help her record two or three songs
to send to a friend, 
 a young girl in Germany .
  By nightfall this full collection of ballads was complete. 
You will sometimes hear the crickets and the songbirds in the background. 
This is because Anja sat  with her guitar 
in an open sunny  sliding glass door on the 
southern side of the Touchstone Farm Dancing Room 
as she sang and played. 
Though the songs are in German, 
your heart is sure to leap and to weep 
as you listen to these simple and exquisite ballads. 
Once you have read the translations, 
you will be captured within the stories 
and the meanings behind these ballads forever.
Like the poets words an elder woman neighbor placed on her on a garden gate,
"Beware   who enter into here,
For ye shall nevermore escape nor be free of my spell."

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