The LongDance
What is The LongDance?

The LongDance is an ancient and universal form
of meditating, praying, deepening, initiating,
 passing through the veils of our lives and into the union
which may never be described. 
The present form of the  Long Dance is a conscious and artistic
re-enkindling of the way that is ever aflame.

This re-enkindling of the LongDance has many influences guiding it:
 A life long immersion in myth, language and the nature of the  veils
that began in early boyhood and that led in adulthood into a study
of the Neolithic cultures, the culture, sociology, architecture, pottery,
diet, fashion and art; 
a practice of making sacred space  through  both word  and  by shifting matter that began in early boyhood; 

a  lifelong use of the Dance as a medium of passage upon the path of no paths that  began by dancing with the forms of nature (waves, wind, stones)
 in the teen-age years and that reached a mature depth during a four year deepening under the influence and guidance of Yakzan Valdez, a sheik of both the Chisti and in the Mevlana  Sufi orders
(the Chisti are traditionally comprised of artists especially of music and of dance - the Mevlana were founded by Rumi); 

 a life of conscious dream work  in both the waking and in the sleeping states that  began with conscious practices at the age of four and culminated in the seventies with a seven week  hermetic retreat  during which sleep was not engaged, but rather a union of the waking and sleeping states was maintained.
These influences all combined to help to cultivate
the genre of Sacred Circle Dance known as The LongDance..

To dance a long time is not the LongDance;
 to dance but a moment with the heart suspended
as though by an angels whisper is. 

  To speak finely is not the LongDance; 
to cry in true anger or rage or silliness,
 to allow the heart to embrace al of the dark and all of the light is.

  To philosophize is not the LongDance; 
to feel and to follow those soft inner feelings into the caverns of the heart is. 
To teach movements correctly is not the LongDance;
 to open the garden gate unto the sacred space of each soft soul is.

Needless to say, a facilitator of the LongDance
needs to have cultivated the natural capacities of all beings to meditate,
to feel another being at the root level,
to understand Sacred Space and the nature of the Veils.
 Intolerance, rigidity of thought,  a leaning towards criticism and condemnation,
the inability to speak when the time to speak  dark or light is at hand;
self-absorption and the need to control others or  to be controlled by others
- these are traits that would  not be desirable for a person
who aspires to lead the LongDance.

The correct  movement of the body is not nearly as relevant as the inner intent.
 In fact, inner intent is everything in the LongDance.

As one deepens in the LongDance, one builds the capacity to dance directly
with the substances which comprise the energies of the mind,
 the emotional body and the Heart. 
One learns to shift the balance subtly
between one hemisphere of the mind and the other.
 One learns to dance with each vertebra of the spine,
 indeed, with each cell of the body and pore of the skin.
 These capacities arise naturally from the cultivation of inner intent.

A dear brother recently shared a saying of
crazy man Joe Miller:

It can't be taught, but it can be caught!

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