The LongDance (volume one)
Available in Tape and in CD

The LongDance is a form of moving meditation which draws its roots from the Neolithic Temples, The ancient ways of Direct Knowledge and from schools of passage such as cultivated by Rumi or, in more modern times, Yakzan Valdez.  There is an inner  intent of movement as well as an outer intent.
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The Musicians on this volume are many.  The primary musicians are Lisa Carter, Anja Daniels, Branden and Brandy, Robin Wing and Shaker. 
With deep gratitude to Elizabeth Moreland for her  inspiration

We are a Circle  (20 minutes)
 This is a modern chant 
"We are a circle within a Circle
With no beginning and never ending."
This version mizes the styles of incantation, jazz, and blues
to capture the Heart's intent.

Kakukluchika (16  minutes)
 A very beautiful Traditional Russian song and dance.
In this rendition Shaker brings forth the mystery and lament of the music.

Issos  (16  minutes)
 ancient Greece, perhaps Neolithic
Shaker uses the synthsizer to bring the veils forth in this ancient traditional dance.  

Earth, Return  (23  minutes)
This incantation is also available on a separate tape.

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