The LongDance  (volume III)
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What is The LongDance?

The Songs
Mir Miru Mir   (35:20)
Shakti Jai (Hampe Song)  (23:51)
Waves  Upon The Stone (10:59)
Mir Miru Mir
(35:20 minutes)
This incantation is different than the song,
I (Shaker) captured this just after recording the more known version of the song 
which has been published on the CD 
Journey of The NightHeart (LongDance Vol II)
The musicians (Jim, Anja, Jonathan and Lissa) were done recording.
As usual, the candles were lit and the recording session had been much more of a 
sacred heart sharing in music than a recording session.
The musicians, who took the meaning of the song to heart, began to chant
"Mir Miru Mir"
Harmonizing, rising, falling soft in a deep and gentle heart space.
When this occurs, the resonance of the music recorded is always very different 
than in a regular session.
Fortunately, I (who  was in the other room) turned the recording equipment right back on 
and caught this rare and beautiful moment.
Spirit of Peace
to your cause we give our strength 
that love may reign and war may cease
Mir Miru Mir 
 ( peace on earth, peace)

This dance came in inspiration 
to a member of the Dance Network of 
ìThe Dances of Universal Peace ì
while traveling in the Soviet Union in 1985.

Mir Miru Mir is an old liturgical phrase in Russian
The Russian language itself demonstrates the deep spiritual
roots of the soviet people and their reverence for the earth
 as the same word means both ìpeaceî and ìearthî

In addition ìmirî also named the gatherings 
in ancient Russian villages which met to decide
 issues of importance to the community

SHAKTI JAI   Hampi Song
(23:51 minutes)
 Wandering through Europe for 6 years traveling from community to community 
by foot, bike and hitch hiking many songs were shared.
This one was taught to me (Anja) when i had just started this new journey 
at the age of 18  leaving school behind and following the inner calling. 
This song was written by Katrina, who traveled to India. 
One day she was sitting on the street in the city of Hampi and this song flew through her. 
She passed it on to her friends (a community  of families living in trailers next to the forest sharing songs and circus) who passed it on to me. 
Blessings and great thankfulness to Katrina and the beautiful spirit world 
where we all come from where we all are one and to where we all return.

as god was a child she used to play with stones
and lifted one by one all alone
she took the tears of joy and let them flow away let them flow away every day

shakti jai shakti jai shakti jai
shakti jai shakti jai shakti jai   ambe
shakti jai shakti jai shakti jai
shakti jai shakti jai shakti jai  ambe

god felt like a butterfly
she took a rest on a mountain high
looked around could nothing but smile
i sing the song for celebration to thank the gods of all creation
thank you for this fascination


letís feel like a butterfly letís take a rest on a mountain high
letís look around
you will nothing but smile
letís sing the song for celebration to thank the gods of all creation
thank you for this fascination


Waves Upon The Stone
(10:259 minutes)
Lissa Carter, a young Quaker environmental and political activist,
naturalist, permaculture garden designer and wild-woman,
brought this haunting hymn to Touchstone. 
Lissa has a virtuosity in unusual non-traditional harmonies.
Here we have her at her best.

Endless waves break on the shore
and beat the rock to sand.
We are here don't ask for more -
we are where we began.

Call to me I'll hear your voice
and know I'm not alone.
Still I see in my mind's eye
the waves upon the stone

What is The LongDance?

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