Journeys of The Night Heart  LongDance Vol. 2
Available in Tape and in CD

During the late Winter of 2002, a band of musicians 
met during the evenings in a candle lit studio in the garden barn.
While the Winter winds swept about our old barn,
these warm hearts came forth 
with many of their favorite songs.
The selection here presented 
from some of those recording sessions 
are the dances we often will use at Touchstone during a LongDance evening.

Most of the music of the dances here presented
are songs, incantations and zikrs
that the circle of dancers may sing along with while dancing.

 We wish to thank all who attended the wonder-filled 
Winter Dance Retreat at Niagara Falls in January 2002. 
Their spirit in the Dance 
was a deep inspiration for this presentation.

The Songs
1 The Breathing Bismillah     
2  Allah Allah          
3  Bim Bam    
4  My lord is a Rock       
5  Humble          
6 Ya Bassir Wali Allah 
7  Mir Miro Mir  
8  May the Great Spirit 
9 Joy is in My Heart   

Lissa Carter  vocals
Jim Desmond  vocals, accordion
Jonathan Vecanti   mandolin
Christian Hine   percussion
Anja Daniel    vocals, guitar
George Shaker McNeil  recording engineer

What is The LongDance?

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