Peace for The Children
A benefit CD by Anja and Friends
to provide medical assistance to families
suffering from the war in Palestine.

Give yourself or a friend a gift of Peace
and at the same time supply food, medicine and shelter
to a child in the Holy Land.

Available in Tape and in CD

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The tragedy of war in any time is that it is often a tale of 

governments with narrow-minded self interests hurting populations who,
were they free from their governments, 
would live happily together under their vines and fig trees. 
So often it is the simple people and, especially,
the children who suffer.

Such is the case today in Palestine and in Israel. 
In Palestine, especially, there are children daily being shot, 
maimed for life, killed, left homeless. By the thousands.

We would like to express a deep gratitude to those many courageous Palestinian and Israeli souls 
who are standing up for Peace in a land wracked by criminal levels of warring violence.

There is a large Palestinian and Israeli community who have been working closely 
together for decades for Understanding and Peace.
Their example of Union with one another can lead the way.

It is spirits such as these
who continue to work with one another and to care for the children and families devastated by war. 
And they need our support.

Fortunately, the Israeli families harmed in this senseless violence 
have abundant financial and social support.. 
This is not so, however, for the people of Palestine, 
a country whose entire population lives in ruin and in the daily terror 
of the Sharon governmentís admitted policy of ethnic cleansing.

Funds raised from the sale of this Limited Edition CD of Anja s 
most loved songs of Peace are to be donated to people 
who are daring to care for the Palestinian children and families.

For comments on this benefit project from an Israeli Educator, click here

Anja & Shaker
Touchstone Oct/24/2002
Who is Anja?          Who is Shaker?
Some of the Musicians whose talent is heard on this CD
Anja Daniel.......vocals, guitar, illustration
Lissa Carter...........vocals 
 Jonathan Vacanti.......mandolin 
 Jim Desmond.......vocals, accordion,
Christian Hine......percussion
George Shaker McNeil  recording engineer

The Songs
    Breathing Bismillah
    Find My Joy
    Miru Mir
    One Mother
    We Are a Circle
    May the Great Spirit
    Many Rivers
    Sacred to My People
    Shalom Salaam
    Joy is in My Heart
Traprock Peace Center
has  graciously put up a Real Player sound file of the song Humble
to listen to this song  click here


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