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In the forest of Khidr      upon the holy mountain
the two brothers of the ancient way met.
one had become outlaw, the other priest

Each had traveled the lost pathway for years upon years.
Each walked more slowly now.       Each no longer knew.
But instead stood in the winds of unknowing
in full faith and thankful

so many tales to tell  ...
how does one describe the taste of the  
Lachrimae Christi. ... 

no more stories to tell,  no ears can hear this tale.
This silence is the din of Allah

Quickly, brother, kiss me!
then we shall kneel into this sweet night
and allow the breeze to blow these brittle thought leaves  
from our minds.
 - Shakur

The Songs:
1  A-Minor                           04:26
2  Ave Maria                       05:53
3  Magnificat                       04:22
4  Havlan Lakhma              11:04
5  Lalam Almin                    04:50
6  Touching Her Deep      06:52
7  Mata                                09:07
8  GateGate                         07:47
9 Deep Blue Sea                11:14
10 Yakzans Love Song     07:34
Musicians - Anja & Shaker
with a special thank you to Daniel Lamaire 
who lent his soul’s voice to Deep Blue Sea
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