Return to Holy Mountain
Available in Tape and in CD

The songs on this tape occurred to us (anja and Shaker)
as our life path and artistic freedom and development 
moved through a year of becoming full in our expression. 

From Oro Se Vie, an invitation to the dance wherein the sacred and the profane are one, to the Caravan, a call to our own and to all souls to come, come again,
carry no despair upon this caravan journey,
the songs move through the joy, the Sabbath,
the deep heart
and the mystery that has been the life at Touchstone this year.

Oneg Shabbat is a tarditional Israeli Yeminite prayer dance.
The title of the song means "Sabboth Candy", the desserts after Sabboth meal.
We have taken the liberty in this song to bring out the rhythms of joy and ecstacy.

Adamana Palikanari is a simple and deeply mediational dance used to 
initiate the younger men into the capacity to "stay their steed".
In this piece we have explored the mystery of a still and listening Heart
which knows well both deep sorrow and deep joy.

Sacred to My People is a song which was taken from the words of Chief Seattle's 
famous speach on the connectedness of all things, all beings.  
This song itself is one of the favorites of Anja's fans.

Deep gratitude to Miriam Swersey who played violin on Tumbalalaika 
and to Fred  Renardo who played violin on Four Seasons
 and also to Lisa Carter
 who accompanied Anja on Caravan, 
and to Jaia,  who gracefully offered  her voice when asked.
All the othe vocals are  Anja.  Recorder and Guitar  is from Anja.
Keyboard, male voice, harmonium and rhythm are from Shaker.

Anja and I (Shaker) invite you
 into this leaping high tearful prayer of Life, 
and trust it will help to bring your heart its own truth.

--------Touchstone, Summer 1999

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