Musical Sunshine

Available in Tape and in CD

This CD was recorded on the 7th of January in winter of 1999
in a church in south of Germany on the "SCHWAEBISCHEN  ALB"
There was no real practice that occurred between the musicians
before the recording,

 and there has been no further 
 coming together in this constellation again since then.
It happened very spontaneously.

Many many blessings to the wonderful spirits who helped to create this and 
who wrote and shared these music pieces  with the world

The Songs
1 Give Yourself to Love       by Kate  Wolf  (American)
2 Sacred Oak Tree               Unknown Writer
3 Wander on the Woodland    by Lissa Carter (American)
4  I Believe in                     by Hartmut Bez (German)
5  Humble                         Unknown Writer
6 Leaving Cross the River    by Hartmut Bez
7  Walking Tree                  by Kailash  (German)
8 Joy is in My Heart           Unknown Writer
Accordion  Hartmut
Violin    Sangita 
Percussion         Meinrhad , Steve, Nesi and Lissa
Mandolin    Steve
Guitar    Steve, Anja and Lissa
Vocals        Anja Daniel , Hartmut Bez , Lissa Carter , Meinrhad , Steve  and Sangita
Saxophone    Uli
Contrabass    lars

Mixing and Recording  Steve, Hartmut

thank you all sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!

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