Talks and Songs with Shaker
Available in Tape and in CD

For years many folks have ever asked Shaker if he would please write down 
The stories, histories, myths and the teachings and ways of imparting
inherent within Sacred Circle Dance and especially The LongDance.
Shaker is currently working on a book containing the full scope of this material
of Sacred Dance as a path of Mystery and 
a Way of cultivating the State of Direct Knowledge,
but it will be at least one more year before this book is available.
This radio interview contains some histories and 
some of the background of Shaker himself and how he evolved to
the teachings he imparts and the teacher he is.
This CD is comprised of a radio interview  with Shaker 
that took place in Northampton, May 2000.

The CD also includes  three songs which were written, played and recorded by Shaker
Kingfisher  (3:46)   a banjo piece and ballad
Rose  (11:25)  a keyboard instrumental
Cocek Boogie 
(10:39) a synthesized instrumental written for the traditional cocek step
and a forth song
Issos (16 min) a traditional Greek Planting Dance originating in the Neolithic Period
arranged, played and recorded by Shaker
What is The LongDance?
The LongDance is a form of Sacred Circle Dance which 
(more than focusing on the correctness of steps) 
uses the Dance as a medium to cultivate the opportunity 
of entering into Direct Knowledge. 
The three strongest roots of The LongDance are: 
 the ways engaged by Rumi and Yakzan Valdez: 
the modes of the Neolithic Temple Dances; 
and Sacred Circle Dance as brought forth by Bernard Wosien.

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