Peace for The Children
A benefit CD
to supply Medical Aid for Families suffering from 
the War in Holy Land

Available in Tape and in CD

My name is Victoria Buch. I am an Israeli professor of chemistry and a peace activist.
I am writing this letter to support the appeal of Touchstone for humanitarian help 
for Palestinian children, victims of the recent occupation of Palestine by Israel..

 You may be surprised. Why would a person on the Israeli side ask for help for Palestinians?
My friends tell me that many of you  wish to support Israel, in response to the ugly wave of terrorism plaguing our country.

So let me explain. First, most of us would agree that outbursts of violence anywhere on our globe are no longer a local affair, and that involvement of well-meaning people from all over the world is needed. We all wish to support the "good guys" and oppose the bad ones.
The great difficulty is identifying the people who are worthy of support.

That is the main problem of our world.
Blood-thirsty leaders and their minions, who spread hate and paranoia among the credulous public,
exist on ALL sides. They draw strength from each other.
Ben-Laden provided legitimation to the US the war-mongers.
September 11 was also a boon for Israeli supremacists,
who now run the government and rampage Palestine under the guise of "fighting terrorism".
The rampage of Palestine provided legitimation to Palestinian terrorist leaders,
who send human bombs against  Israeli civilians in buses and cafes.
The violence of the Israeli government against Palestinians is also used as a pretext by antisemites.

So what should we do?
I believe that we should try to oppose ALL acts of violence and opression,
whether perpetrated against Palestinians  or Jews or anybody else.
And help all victims of evil, whoever they are. Taking sides is not the solution.
Acts of kindness are always good, and a way to return some sanity to the world.
So please give generously  to Palestinian children,
which were traumatized and  made destitute by the surrounding violence.
Do it for Palestine, Israel, and our whole poor not-very-sane globe.

Respectfully, Victoria Buch 

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