For All Those Who Wander
Available in Tape and in CD

While many know and love  Anja's gift of song.
 few know of her exquisite gifts with the piano.
These two pieces were recorded on two mornings
 in late autumn of 1997 at Touchstone 
in the living room of the main house.
There were no retakes, no editing.

Play for those sisters and brothers who wander 
and who need a touch of heart,

I asked her.
And she sat at the piano and played.

This is simply Anja.

The cover is a watercolor by a friend and fellow wanderer of Anja.
He had sent this watercolor to her on a hand-painted postcard.
On the back of the postcard the watercolor was done on, he wrote: 
The most beautiful red in Nature 
that I admire again and again  is the evening red. 
It gives silence like (so as) the fireside and allows us to look back
 with wonder and gratitude at the day that has just passed.

  ---Pilgram Thomas  (translated from the German)

Anja's friend, Pilgrim Thomas,
is still somewhere on the roads of his pilgrim life.

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