Whispers and Giggles of The NightHeart
Available in Tape and in CD

Whispers and Giggles at Niagara

this CD was also inspired by a sacred circle dance weekend at Niagara falls
the first longer event for our new group of musicians
it was a magical journey into the mystery
of joyfulness and up heartbeat
and at the same time melting into the depths of heart
into the soul
the following songs are a mix between lively and calming
thank you to all our friends in the circle of circles
and to all the  known and unknown musicians who brought forth
these traditional songs some many many moontimes ago.....

Jonathan Vacanti.......mandolin
Jim Desmond.......vocals, accordion, 
Christian Hine......percussion
Fred Renardo......violin
Alexander  Jarett          flute
Lissa Carter...........vocals
Anja Daniel.......vocals, guitar
Shaker George McNeil.......recording instructor
and main source of inspiration to make this all happen

May all beings be free!

The Songs:
<>1   Opening in Sweet  Surrender
2   Baby Rose (with voice )
3   Baby Rose 
4   Casbah Queens (with voice) 
5   Casbah Queens
6  Ditty Dance
7   Ve David
8   Dimna Juda (short)
9  Dimna Juda(long)
<>10  Aide jano
11  Erev Shel Shonim
12 Hana Avar Babanot
13  Tsur Mishilo
The DancesBaby Rose and Casbah Queens are contra dances.
They are each repeated twice on the CD/tape.
The first time they steps to the dance are called throughout the music.
The second time only the first round of dance steps and the final turn is called.
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