The Winds of Grace
Available in Tape and in CD



a patch upon my heart
a patch on an angels wing
a patch for a robe of tatters
a patch in a pile of worn patches
a gift from the heart     to the soul
from the thankful one to the ashes

the two dragons kiss
in the deep night sky
such a secret dance - there for all to see
but only the outlaw and the crone know truly

dear spirit, shall I help you sew?
 - Shakur



The Songs:
1  Lalam Almin                                  04:50
3  Estafrula                                        28:04
2  Touching Her Deep                    18:23
3  Yakzanís Love Song (round) 13:23
Musicians - Anja & Shaker
with a special thank you to Daniel Lamaire 
who lent his soulís voice to Yakzanís Love Song

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