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Children of The MidWinters Moon  (see) CD Tape
Anja's SongBook  (see) CD Tape
Return to Holy Mountain  (see) CD Tape
Drinking from The Fountain  (see) CD Tape
Whispers & Giggles of The Night Heart  (see) CD Tape
A Basket of Circle Dances   (see) CD Tape
Musical Sunshine  (see) CD Tape
Autumn - a gathering of friends  (see) CD Tape
Winds of Grace  (see) CD Tape
Remembrance  (see) CD Tape
The LongDance (vol one)    (see) CD Tape
Journeys of The Night Heart (LongDance vol. 2) (see) CD Tape
The LongDance (vol Three)  (see) CD Tape
Catch My Soul  (see) CD Tape
For All Those Who Wander  (see) CD Tape
Songs from a Long Journey  (see) CD Tape
The Minstrel's Best   (see) CD Tape
The Garden inWinter  (see) CD Tape
Give Thanks  (see) CD Tape
Talks and Songs with Shaker  (see) CD Tape
Touchstone Library CDROM for Apple ($35  +$5 shipping)                        CDrom
Touchstone Library CDROM for Windows ($35  +$5 shipping)                  CDrom
CDs are $20 each.  Tapes are $12.50 each.    Shipping is $1 for each item.
Order 5 CDs for $$15 each. ($75)      Order 5 Tapes for $10 each ($50)

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Total Number of CDs Ordered:
Total for CDs (number of CDs times 20)
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Total for Library CDROMs ($35 per CDROM)
Shipping outside US and Canada
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Shipping ($1 per item unless otherwise stated) 
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Thank you for your order, We will send the bill with the music.
in the circle of circles,
fromoury office in a  New England garden barn,

Anja & Shaker

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