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The Hot Yoga Program at Touchstone assumes several different
(and, of course, related)

All of the forms of Hot Yoga can be extremely dangerous.
One can easily hurt ones self.
Especially in the beginning,
practicing these forms should be done only under experienced and careful guidance.

There is the
Guided Posture Flow,
which is engaged in while in a room environment of about 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
Under these conditions the Asanas may be entered into far more deeply
then the practitioner has ever entered before.
Because the external aid of heat is involved,
quite often the participants are not aware that they have entered so deeply into the posture.
One can easily hurt ones self,
especially when ending and leaving the posture.
Ending a posture
is as important as entering or being in a posture.
It must be done consciosly and slowly.

Often we use the
as a form of Hot Yoga which utilizes not only the Hatha Yoga form,
but also cultivates the Yoga of The Circle---
that is, The Yoga of Community.

This Yoga (or Union) includes cultivation of the circle through song (bhajan, chant)
and also includes solitude and personal vision,
which appears to be the opposite relationship, but is actually one and integral
(as a valley appears to be differnt from the mountain,
but is truly actually but one expression of the united relationship).
'High' does not exist without 'low';
'inner' does not exist without 'outer'.
Living in the uniited relationship of what appears to be opposites,
is a very powerful doorway
The Union of Sacred Time and Sacred Place.
(explore the Dream and Ancient Temple pages of the
Sacred Dance Page of this Domaine
for more on this.)

This vehicle, which I refer to as The FireLodge,
has its roots in many of the earthpeople traditions of the world.
Some Celtic and ancient European cultures used a similar vehicle.
The Finns are well known for one form.
A number of cultures in the Americas used one form of this vehicle.
The Persians used a similar form.

One very enjoyable form of Hot Yoga is
Hot Tub Yoga.
Many will chuckle when first hearing of this form.
Its roots are actually ancient, though not much is written ipon the matter.
Many simple earth cultures have used the hot springs in their environment
to cultivate the bodil;y health as well as an inner peace.

The Essenes, for instance,
as elucidated upon in the work of Edmond Beaurdeux Cekaly,
worked with this form when they invited in
the Healing Angles of Fire, Sun and Water.

There are a number of 'asanas' associated with this form.
Some are traditional, with interesting and quite significant differences in practice and effect.
(This includes asanas like the Boat, the Bow, the Turtle, the Cobra, the Frog).
There are also a number of 'asanas' in this form which are not as traditional.
(This includes the Alligator the Stone, which are submerged postures.)

As time and funds allow,
I will be presenting an entire section dedicated to this form,
which is unique and powerful.
like the other forms of Hot Yoga,
can be quite dangerous to engage in without proper guidance.

Thank you

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