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Ceremonial Yoga


Simply said, Ceremonial Yoga arose out of my own private practice.
It is an integration of my work with
The Dance, with Yoga and with The DreamWorld.

in his codification of modern yoga
(yoga meaning union with)
spoke of sixteen yogas
eight outer and eight inner.

There was Hatha Yoga, the form most commonly known in the west.
There was also Satvic Yoga, the Yoga of the 'union through' the vehicle of food.
This may or may not include both fasting and feasting.
There was the Prana Yoga, both outer and inner,
the outer and inner forms included both the use of the breath, breath with inner intent
and the use of wind and air, perhaps windbathing naked out of doors.

There were, among others, the Yogas of the Union with Spirit through Fire, Sun; through Water; through Community (brotherhood, sisterhood)

As time allows I shall elucidate upon this further.
It should be mentioned, though, that this tradition of Yoga does not stand alone in ancient history.
The Essenes had sixteen Angels of Healing, each of them nearly corresponding with each of the sixteen yogas.
Long before the advent of yoga spoken of in the Bagadvadgita,
the ancient temples
of the Mother Goddess Paradigm
Practiced a 'Keeping of The Sacred Time'
which was one whole form embodying the sixteen yogas.
More of this phenomena may be found in the Sacred Dance Section of The Sacred Circles Domain.

Ceremonial Yoga
is perhaps more closely aligned with this Mother Goddess Paradigm
than with the modern forms of Yoga.

Of course, many will disagree
with some (if not with everything) that I say here.

To these people I say.
"I honor the Truth of your Heart. You are right."

This is a language of Time and of Space.
The World is far greater and more mysterious and wondrous than any of us could imagine or express
The Living Mystery can not be contained within any words.
Even views of the world which seem to be totally in opposition,
as the Voice comes from the Hope of the Heart,
may be both simultaneously true.

One last brief word
before you browse through the few Ceremonial Movements presented here---

The outer form here is not as important as the inner intent.
In our Hot Yoga programs (see the main page)
we heat the body to an extremely soft subtlety
and work primarily with our focus on the physical body.
In Ceremonial Yoga, however,
The Fire that allows us to enter more deeply and intensely into the postures than ever before
comes from within.
If when doing a Movement (The Windhover, for instance)
you do not totally from within BECOME THE WINDHOVER
then, no matter what your outer form appears to be,
you are not doing The Windhover.
If, however, your outer form looks nothing like what I describe to be The Windhover
yet your inner intent of Heart is Windhover,
then open the windows wide!
You are the Windhover.

Here Follows a Few of The Movements
(This section will be constantly expanded
upon as time and funds allow)

Temple on The Mountain
Plucking The Rose
The Panther
The Flight of the Panther and the Hawk
The Windhover
The Veil of Rain, The Veil of Tears
Wiping the Veil from the Heart
The Fountain
The Turn of the Heart
The Turn of the Heart Kneeling
The Dance of the Latifs
The Sword of Truth

The Ceremonial Asanas or Movements are mentioned in boldface
and are elucidated upon.
The TRADITIONAL ASANAS common to Hatha Yoga,
when mentioned are in CAPITAL LETTERS.
Because much is written and available elsewhere to the seeker on these Asanas,
there is little explanation.

Thank you

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