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Ceremonial Yoga

The Sword of Truth
This is entered from positions like The Lancer or THE STAR,
positions that have a wider foot base and the arms are either extended
or are ready in their natural potential to extend.

Assuming we are in a right-orientated Lancer,
We are facing the right extended arm.
Slicing the air cleanly the left arm moves slowly through the heart plane
until, meeting the right hand,
the hands enter a sideways Namasker, left hand on top.
The arms now become The Sword of Truth and
we circlethe sword to the right.
with the fierce intent of cutting through any obstacle in the The Path to our True Dharma,
we slice The Sword cleanly in an arc to the left,
until we are facing center.

The continuum of this motion may,
depending on the context of the overall movement,
transform through a number of alternatives.

right foot moving towards left,
we rise into Temple on The Mountain
the hands will melt into
The Plucking of The Rose
which could lead into a number of other movements
again, depending upon inner intent.

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