Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center

Ceremonial Yoga

The Windhover
The Diving Eagle
The Flight of the Panther and the Hawk
diving HeartFirst (parabola back) up into angelic heaven,
moving from our Latifs (the wings of our heart) open and back
arms curling as in flight ,
body curling forward like a panther in flight body bows,
arms curl in to the latifs of the heart.
fingers delicately cross over the heart,
body and arms curling back into heavenward slightly
heart opening to the song and light of the angels
plucking the two roses of the heart
and, again,
we dive HeartFirst Heavenward
as we metamorphose into
The WindHover.
arms surrendering flat and out like and eagle
Diving heartfirst forward
eyes rise up to third eye witnessing the sunlight of the third eye
which is almost as brilliant as the all-pervading light of the opening and diving heart diving, diving diving,
arms go further back until finally they clasp behind and
is entered.
diving heartfirst upward,
as we dive hands release and, palms upward, arms rise up gently
offering forth our self, the prey.

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