Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center

Ceremonial Yoga

Wiping the Veil from the Heart
The right hand, fingers delicate, sweeps slantwards upward from the left latif
inferring the heart and then through the third eye
as the head surrenders slanting to the right...
and the left arm moves outward to the left side...
the torso follows in gently curling flow,
as the right middle finger releases what was brought from the heart to freedom
and then
sweeps palm upward
(body swaying in sweet surrender)
towards the extended left hand as though to pluck the strings of a harp---
eyes and intent follow.
open hand, fingers spread delicately, the right hand curls across the heart
as the eyes and head and full intent follow and the right foot steps to the right
to forcefully enter The Lancer, both arms extended out

This is also done MIRRORED TO THE LEFT

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