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Here Follows a Brief Description
of the various ways in which
we partake in Yoga at Touchstone

Ongoing sessions in hatha yoga
There are as many different types of yoga as there are people who enjoy yoga.
At Touchstone we use the medium of breath and the asanas (postures)
to teach the three basic fundamentals a person needs to explore her own sadahna---
Correct Alignment;
Correct Movement
(how to move into, be in and move out of a posture or dance);
and the Capacity to Witness
(one's own body, emotional state and mental state)
In the last analysis true yoga is hoeing the field, pumping the gas
or sitting before the flowing particle cloud of the computer screen.

The Hot Yoga Program
These specially guided sessions are run at four week intervals once a season.
We use the FireLodge, Hot Tub and at times a room heated to
110 degrees Fahrenheit to soften the body so that the asanas may be the more
deeply entered. Careful facilitation and extra care must be taken during these sessions,
as the body will enter the asanas more deeply than ever before.
Slow and concious movement is a prerequisite.

Ceremonial Yoga
From Shaker's decades of intimate involvement with meditative movement
(which includes gardening as well as dance and yoga),
his own personal practice began to evolve in very new directions.
These specially guided sessions are run at four week intervals once a season.
Ceremonial Yoga
is a dramatic yoga of movement and inner intent.
The "asanas" are comprised of an entirely new vocabulary
which connote inner as well as outer movement,
as well as a syntax and potential or inference
to hold the moving asanas in a flowing woven thread.

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